7th International conference on
Fundamental Physics Using Atoms (FPUA 2014)
- Towards better understanding of our matter universe -

1 Mar. 2014:  Program is updated (final version).


  March 14 (Friday) - 16 (Sunday), 2014



  Miraican Hall (7F), Miraikan, Odaiba, Tokyo


 Conference objective:
  Recently much effort has been directed to investigation of the fundamental physics which exploits remarkable developments in atomic physics and/or quantum optics techniques. Examples include (A)test of the time reversal invariance by observing permanent electric dipole moments of atoms or molecules, (B)neutrino mass spectroscopy using atoms, (C)measurement of fine structure constant’s time dependence with precession atomic clock etc.. This conference aims to bring together recent research results, to discuss future prospects, and to expand research network, making this field more active and productive.



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  Noboru Sasao (chair) (Okayama)

  Koichiro Asahi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

  Yasuhiro Sakemi (Tohoku)

  Kazuhiko Sugiyama (Kyoto)

  Itsuo Nakano (Okayama)

  Kentaro Kawaguchi (Okayama)

  Tsutomu Yabuzaki (Kyoto)

  Motohiko Yoshimura (Okayama)

  Takeshi Fukuyama (Osaka)

  Minoru Tanaka (Osaka)

  Tadamasa Shida (Kyoto)

  Masatoshi Kajita (NICT)


Hosted by:

  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas

  “Extreme quantum world opened up with atoms”

Co-hosted by:

  Research Core for Extreme Quantum World, Okayama University
  Center of Quantum Universe, Okayama University